Priyanka Chopra: My best friend’s wedding

A busy Priyanka Chopra (made ​​three movies at a time) will make the time for the wedding of best friend Tamanna Sharma. He must do this. She planned, after all!

For two months, the actress in Anurag Basu Barfi Darjeeling and worked in Mumbai and is now tied with Krissh 3 in Hyderabad and also parts of the film Kunal Kohli to lead without a title. Nevertheless, she has volunteered for the ceremonies and the Main Event to plan and told their friends.

After several contacts with a PC that was involved in a shooting, she admitted: "Yes, I'm excited and I have a good time to help."

The wedding dresses took place in early April. They did everything from reading wedding magazines scouring sites themes and ideas. In his spare time to check, with sites to provide for appointment of designers, caterers, etc. It is that it is an unforgettable wedding.

PC must also decide where. And since this is a Rajasthan, it is held in both Jaipur and Jodhpur. "They want to be like a royal wedding," says a source. Well, you do not like to be your friend?

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