Choose Wedding Dresses In Right Way

I am afraid we all know me, know me because I am afraid that through the process of my crazy test yarn.
Speaking of the test yarn is really crazy - Wukesong shopped, the Xidan 109've been to small and large wedding hall also went 67 summarizes some experiences from the process, finishing a bit and sisters here, if the sister is about to buy wedding, then it could not be better

First, you pay for
It really is wisdom, some two or three hundred of the wedding dresses photo studio can also, the effect is very photogenic, but the material, some material like curtains, tablecloths, and even some of the material feels feel with paper-like, also rustling sweat it! ! !
Wedding with the wedding not only to photos looked nice, but also the scene of the better looking on the level of face, and wear comfortable, but your second layer of skin, put the body but also tie itchy, scratching can not scratch, the more uncomfortable!
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Second, know what they want
1, to brand to benefit
Brand wedding work, and fame has its own design, the very face the wedding of a big brand in the wedding, but the price will be more expensive
Unknown wedding hall, something good, cheap wedding for more than imitation, for a limited budget, the requirements are not high and sisters is a good choice.
To what style
Chest wrapped, flat shoulder, halter, V-Neck, gemstone collar, long sleeve, sleeveless, low cut, backless, style design, everything, you think you are more exposed or less exposed.
TIPS: If the home is relatively conservative elders or church wedding, then the best choice: flat shoulder, halter gemstone collar and long sleeves exposed less wedding, said that respect for elders and clergy.

Which is your wedding dress?
Of course, try to know, because you like may not be suitable for you, perhaps you're not so concerned about the wear on your body but it can have unexpected results, only the wedding dress worn only know that it is not your fate wedding dress that is put on, will highlight your advantages, you Chende beautiful beautiful, as you made, do not want that piece off.
Intended for online shopping sisters Note, the best choice for local businesses of the store can try, at least to obtain in-kind photos, some places to make the physical and the original photo there is a gap, some of the gap is still very great.
3, how much rice
To how much rice is in the wedding dress. Tailored to a wedding in Beijing or go to the Wukesong to buy pieces of clothing, or where to buy in the business of the kind of clothing, or from other sister buy used. The same style, material wedding custom clothing, like clothing, second-hand price is different, the number of which depends on your budget, would not mind wearing a not a new wedding. Of course, if you have the opportunity to go to Suzhou, you can go to the wedding street to see where the clothing is also very cheap wedding.

Third, shop around
Go to the big brand or go to small workshops, rounds or right. When I'm go to businesses that had my name "panic-stricken, teeth itch, huh, huh ...
Either look at the style of the wedding can encounter non-heart love that she does not wear, you can also compare price and quality, strive for the least money to his beloved Sasa less to do more with the principle of or advocate.

Four, seize the activities
If you catch up with businesses to engage in activities better, not only with the best price to buy the love wedding businesses donated services and gifts can be as much as possible, for future wedding planning to save a lot of trouble and rice, serve multiple purposes!

Fifth, to grasp the opportunity
Current trends, the price in the mid-rise, in my experience, a 2008 Chinese New Year also sell 650 wedding, and now has risen to 1180 a.
So if if you want to go in the forefront of the trend to buy two to three months before the wedding, wedding, buy the latest design.
If you want affordable, as early as possible (such as the wedding of the year before the end of the year, is just off-season, many promotional activities), to find your favorite to buy it, just do not see the new wedding in the future when the grass is always greener , and another new love Yo!

6, the fate
I believe that each bride and her wedding is fate.
If you rent a wedding, then you and it is only a day of fate.
If you buy or get a wedding, although you may not like it very, but you have to have its fate.
If you find one you really like the wedding, but can not get, it can only be you and it never meant a.
If you find a favorite wedding and to have it, it did not congratulate you, and you find the wedding of your fate.
May are looking for wedding and upcoming wedding to find the MM can find their own fate wedding! ! !
I also look forward to my wedding and the bridal dress, two pieces, but spent a lot of thought into the twists and turns before it was finalized.

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