People in Carleton County are holding a special auction on Friday night to help raise funds for a 17-year-old girl who is in Halifax waiting for a bone marrow transplant.
Many people in Carleton County are used to traditional auctions for cattle and farming equipment, but Ashley Kennedy is putting together a unique auction. She's collecting prom dresses, wedding dresses and even dresses for children.
“The last time I counted, it was over 50, and I've gotten 10 or so since,” Kennedy said.
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The proceeds raised on Friday night are going to Marissa McCurdy, who has been at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax since November.
Instead of picking out her own prom dress, McCurdy, who has leukemia, is waiting for a bone marrow transplant.
Judy McCurdy, her mother, said the disease has taken a toll on the family both emotionally and financially.
“We've just pretty much abandoned everyone at home. And everyone's made as many trips down as they can, to get here. And I'm not working. I'm here supporting Marissa, and Marissa's out of school, and not at work, where she wants to be,” she said.
Back in Richmond Corner, Marissa's sister Leah, has been helping to organize the auction that will help her sister
“I'm really excited to see it come together. She wishes that she could be here and see everybody, but we're going to get some pictures so she can see everything that went on. She thinks it's a great idea,” she said.