2012 Fashion Wedding Dress Element

Fashion we everywhere found from the 2012 wedding show in today's wedding dress is not limited to white, the changing styles of the various types of wedding design style is a big difference with people's impression of white silk flowers, tulle, long-sleeved, lace has become the great heat of this year's wedding design elements, style, innovative and bright.

Models of long-sleeved wedding of popular enthusiasm for the heat this year, especially for the winter and early spring, cold weather feel warm and transparent, such as silk chiffon, beautiful figure of the bride night more moving looming, three-dimensional skirt silk flower designs, vibrant school.

Charming Halter Lace Strapless A-line Wedding Dress with A Fabulous Sash CB1907

One of the oblique wedding is also absolute in the wedding this year indispensable for the design, layered three-dimensional effects, so that our eyes bright, lace hollow effect looming skirt pleated effect of a combination of the design style of the summer princess dress, quite spectacle.

Bra waist veil, translucent the Obscure flower pattern wedding full of romance. Bohemian floral lace elements everywhere, layers of cake skirt design, idyllic dreams.

Similar at the design style, with the preceding paragraph has to be dynamic and Qunjiao flying. Is a long-sleeved, small standing collar combined with the looming outline of the lace.

Crape is not very personality is very special, simple waist bow design wedding dresses is unique in that three-dimensional sense of the whole body colored flowers, clever, charming, and let the bride and distinctive.


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