Don't Tell The Bride

His hair helmet, free golf club, dressed in lace / missing wedding dresses and strip clubs in this week's episode, do not tell the bride.
Bernard and Tracey met one evening in Cork city. Bernard enjoyed a burger after a hard work nights in a bar in the city, while Tracey was hungry after a night out for girls. Bernardo saw his hamburger and went to him to have a bite! He pledged correctly, even though his first reaction was: "Who's yer one (And I do not blame him!).
Fortunately, after a dubious start looking for a place for weddings, came Bernard reserves and the magnificent Hotel Mirador House Ballincollig.The included an agreement on costs of € 4,000 golf courses with a golf membership, an agreement seemed reasonable, but a big smile on his face to his girlfriend when she entered the large reception seemed to be higher than the cost of Bernard (ah bless).

Tulle Satin A-Line Sweetheart Wedding Dress with Ornate Beading and Embroidery CB2038
While Bernard is portrayed as the next Franco and said that planning a wedding is an easy job, he quickly realized it was far from an unusual marriage.
Tracey despite the fact that this is a plain dress and simple (which is rarely a petition in the series) wanted, Bernard found that a full head dress was on the way forward. I thought it would be the latest fashion clothes to attract the attention of the husband, that advice can be very random. Fortunately, paid his bold decision, and Tracey was so pretty as a princess (Mouse over Kate Middleton).
The only small problem I had with the general appearance of the bride is taking pieces of tape processing of the dress in a halter. It was pretty embarrassing to the overall presentation, and was uncomfortable to wear. It was a good conversation Tracey, to eliminate superfluous material. By far the most elegant dress and flattering on the show.
I am seriously impressed with the general appearance of the bride on her big day. Its top looked elegant and refined, while her makeup was flawless and natural. You go girl!
The bridesmaids are not like the Capuchins (light beige) Bernard chose clothes, but I loved the simplicity of them. They were a little casual, but the fabric and the length of the cheap wedding dresses makes her look sophisticated and more expensive than € 119. Despite the appearance and hairy cheapest stolen should have been resolved!
When it's time to send the wedding invitation with his blushing bride came, I felt that Bernard would be more romantic. Your bike messenger secret was a little scary, but soon saved the day with some sparkling jewels and a romantic.
It was all a bit miserable and cringey, as friends of Bernard took him to the strip club, and asked his father-in-law with two scantily dressed woman young women who works on site. Tracey karaoke fun bachelorette looking!
I loved the personal touch that Bernard came to the wedding, the disk head at the reception. The figure of the bike was really the icing on the cake, and, fortunately, the bride saw the funny side of.
Eight years of the pair-hungry for love is still strong!
Congratulations to Bernard and Tracey!

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