On a Quest for the Perfect Dress

He found the perfect man. Now it was time to find the perfect wedding dress.
And what better place to do it, but in "Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta," the popular television program TLC?
Eagle Springs resident Laura Williams Cosner said she and her sister were obsessed with the show, which is set at Bridals by Lori in Atlanta. Flanges, usually with friends and family, to be filmed in search of the perfect dress. Owner Lori Allen and fashion director Monte Durham are usually front and center. Usually, there is a story behind every bride interestingly, adding drama to the show.

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"We thought it would be great, we completed the application form," said Cosner, a graduate of Meredith College, who teaches in Montgomery County in the Middle East. "There were all sorts of questions about The bride, groom, our origins and plans. "
His marriage to Matthew Cosner, who works in the first bank Robbins, was scheduled for December 31, 2011, in Bensalem Baptist Church, and over time.
"We have not heard anything, and I almost forgot," said Cosner. "Then I received an email saying they wanted to do a telephone interview of 20 minutes. I received the call, then told me to come in September."
As it happened, Cosner did not even try wedding dresses, although their marriage was only four months. So she and her entourage - mother, Jan Williams, her sister, Katie Tucker, cousin, Sherard Jenna, her sister-brother, Kaitlin Williams, aunt and stepmother Phillips Chichie law Wilma Cosner - set a trip to Atlanta.
After his arrival, Cosner and his family were eight hours of footage.
"They filmed segments of each of us, before and after I tried on dresses," said Cosner. "Then it takes time to pass the true intent of dresses.
"Cindy was my adviser," said Cosner. "She left my family for making dresses, and she did well. I wanted his leadership, so I tried it gave me. Not even know if I tried something a selected family member. "
Cosner said there was little pressure.
"I was surrounded by cameras, counselors and family," he said. "I felt like I was in a bubble."
Cosner tried on four dresses, but decided to show his entourage of three years.
"Lori went to the locker room," he said. "Monte joined everyone in the area of ​​the track. Was the nail. "
Cosner said he would take some time before making your decision.
"Everything is on camera, of course," he said. "But I like the dress I chose."
When Cosner was published in what was to be "the" cheap wedding dress, her family members all cried with Cosner says, except his sister, Katie, "practice".
"I wondered why they were all crying," she says, "but they did not understand right away that this was the dress." It took me 20 minutes, then I started to cry, too. "
Another local resident, Emily Fry, of Pinehurst, has just received word that the show wants to come with your family and friends around in April. Fry is married Davis Smith, also of Pinehurst, October 20.
"I can certainly offer you some advice," said Cosner. "Being prepared for a long day."
Although the episode with Cosner published Friday, TLC often re-run episodes of the series.

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