Select Summer Wedding Dress

The most beautiful moment in life, not any time like a girl dressed in a wedding dress: the words and deeds, smile a frown is not the most beautiful, happiest mark. Therefore, to the wedding on a perfect performance, In addition to the usual self-cultivation and photographed on the spot caution, the bride's dress should not be underestimated. For a full day of the bride should be "indecisive" decent wedding dress will make the performance of the bride's ease and calm self-confidence.
Simple Classical Silk Empire Strapless Wedding Gowns B038
 Thin sexy
Both thin summer needs, but it is also a gentle bride's off. Thin wedding dress even more in the design of a Brisk and lively, appropriate selection of silk, spandex and other fabric dress upper body, spandex fabric close to the body, and inlaid with a larger area of ​​the crystal and diamond. Silk materials are often designed to be tailor-made cheongsam or tight tops and fishtail skirt with short To the bride's S-curve demonstrates most vividly.
Selection of tips: the color and style should match your own color and shape. Body overweight bride do not despair, you can choose to purplish red, sea blue, the darker the color, and can also show you the beauty of.
Dress Cheats: silk fabric is soft and rich texture, a good choice of wedding dress, but it is very easy to wire drawing is its fatal weakness to the attention away from the barbed hook items. Wear must be careful to protect it, it can best serve you.

Short rational
Summer, short wedding dresses make the bride look more cute and playful, just bust scouring the skirt and knee, exposing the white symmetry of the leg in soft yarn compound, still visible to the bride's sexy and grace.
Skirt design of pure white silk layer upon layer of white silk with pink yarn, white silk with Hongsha, sewing the shape of the flower of National Cheng Kung University, skirt shape made of the design of the short in front long dress only it is big Fang Huagui also concise appropriately. Between the skirt can be inlaid with crystals or beads, bright spots, a casual, filling the heart of luxury.
Selection tips: short wedding dress for the bride's legs higher, select and pay attention to with their body. Try to choose the right amount of bright colors and decorative dress, the bride's lovely and beautiful and perfectly manifested.
Dress tips: seated attention skirt will not be blown, should pay more attention to prevent emptied, otherwise a beautiful little disappointed.

Color was
Summer wedding dress color, matte finish to the series, texture and color series, and other colors to choose from, summer wedding dress color as the summer as colorful and imaginative.
Subtle and restrained the summer bride aside, they can enjoy their own wedding dress exhibition "color", radiating youth and vigor of new life. A variety of colors with a variety of unique design ideas, and different this summer bride.
Selection of tips: selecting the color of the cheap wedding dress, to pay attention to its echo and skin color, hair color and harmony.
Dress tips: a wonderful color, afraid of overtones, not to dirty or contaminated beverage drinks, that would destroy the whole atmosphere.

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