Brides-To-Be Offer Wedding Dresses To Marlborough Fire Victim

MARLBOROUGH (CBS) – Like most brides, Heather McGuire has poured her heart and soul into planning her wedding to Toby Bourke this weekend.
They had everything ready to go in her Marlborough apartment building: their rings, their passports, their favors, their shoes, and her bridal dress.
 Brides To Be Offer Wedding Dresses To Marlborough Fire Victim
Toby Bourke and Heather McGuire lost almost everything in a Marlborough fire.
This morning, Heather got a call at work; Her apartment building was going up in flames.
All Heather could think was that everything would be destroyed.
“Our shoes our wedding rings, our marriage license, all the wedding favors are there,” she says.
At first Heather thought her dress would be ruined.
Sarah Hawley had two dresses for her wedding this fall, and wanted to bring one for Heather. “I want to give her my dress. Her wedding is a week away I can’t imagine being in that position,” Sarah said. Another bride to be called from Manchester, New Hampshire, offering Heather her dress as well.
But then Heather got word that Toby had moved her bridal dress a couple days ago to her mother’s house to be ready for the big day. Toby smiled, saying, “I’m glad. I’m really happy. I’m really happy. You can’t replace that.”
They’re going forward with their wedding, but aren’t sure if they will be able to go on their honeymoon, a cruise to the Bahamas without passports.
The Red Cross is now helping Toby and Heather, and the other 68 victims from the fire.
Senator Scott Brown’s office is working to help them with their passports.
Heather and Toby are grateful for all of the support. Heather gets emotional as she says, “It’s unbelievable.”


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