Princess Wedding Dress Styles

Greek style, high-cut skirt fishtail style, and abundance of skirt wrapped chest princess wedding dress styles, from different angles of the visual focus for Breast bride alleviate upper body "pressure" to shape the elegant S-shaped beauty. Became the focus of breast shape, fullness Breast bride C-cup level or above this level, so in the choice of wedding, how to package his chest curve enough appropriately solemn.

Abundance and light princess dress:
Fullness Breast bride for a grand style wedding, in order to look the air a sense of lightness, a large number of spinning stack skirt decorated with affinity for the comfortable beauty.
Tips: Breast bride is not suitable for too fancy wedding embellishment, white + green simple bouquet of pure design of the skirt echoes. Pearl elements, appropriate contours are rich necklace, can easily break the dull sense of the shape of a large area in the visual.

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The high cut fishtail skirt:
Fishtail skirt in a high degree of loose skirt is very particular, and upper body weight is proportional to avoid top-heavy.
Tips: deep V shape Breast bride prepared to feel comfortable, but worried that the cleavage is too obvious lack of a solemn sense, can choose the large presence of the necklace decorated chest, which can be distributed visual focus.

Greece shoulder shape:
Strong build lines of ancient Greek goddess, they posture fullness charming, rich multi-layered drape pleated pleating and shoulder, the right demonstration of the bride's sexy, shoulder drape decoration, more dynamic and elegant elements.
Tips: loose hair styling to a soft and neat hair is appropriate unilateral shape, even more charming tenderness of the bride.

Tail + A dress:
V-neck high waist design highlights the breast shape, a rich white beading and embroidery designs add to the bride's low-key and reserved with a sense of steady, thick skirt of a small tail, to avoid the overall shape of the head and feet light.
Tips: a large number of beaded embroidery, mixed Chinese complex fabric adds a lot of sense of "calm". Bridal wear for tall stature; Chinese elements for select floral single red holding flowers.

Organza + bow elements:
Every bride princess dream Breast bride choose a princess bridal dress style, paying particular attention to the bow decoration, atmosphere and simple, big chest beauty and small, sweet, bow decorated with very dissonant.
Tips: Because a large breast shape, so in the choice of headwear and accessories, but also try to choose the large size, for example, pendant, hair accessories, etc.; transparent stones and princess wedding dresses with, easier to show the bride's innocent look.

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