Bride Wedding Dress Selection Tips

Child, every girl want to become the most beautiful bride. The heart of beauty in everyone, before the wedding dress, let us understand the characteristics of these different styles wedding, choose the most suitable for a wedding, exclusive of the bride dress to do the most beautiful bride!


But without losing the dignified, format: a brief informal, simple and contrived. Strange non-public than the force of the format.

Appropriate: no waist mm

Chiffon Sexy V-neck Ruched Bodice with Slim A line Skirt Informal Wedding Dress IWD0169


Alternative, fashionable. Format: overturning the conservative dress.

Appropriate: common quiet possessing a pair of legs of the avant-garde bride

Not suitable for: shaped legs look good, and more conservative bride

Skirt skirt

Who to take off the panniers, format: the most common format of the non-skirt wedding skirt. Will Punta different results.

Particularly non-hip, hip and full of the bride. Appropriate: all kinds of figure Shenzhen wedding photography bride.

That would seem to make ends meet slender figure is insufficient slim. Not suitable for: bride posture exquisite.

Fishtail skirt

The bride's slim body can be exposed no doubt, in the format: just to the benefits of expansion. So that the slender waist to hold up the hip in contrast to highlight women's gentle temperament.

Appropriate: slender figure proportion, bad curves of the bride

Hips are too full of war upper bride inadequate slim. Not suitable for: waist fat.

A type of skirt

Show to be discreet, elegant, format: contrived, stylish. Can be used with panniers. But also give up the the Pompon feelings, to make a fresh, from being a child bride.

Appropriate: any figure of the bride

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