European Super Luxury The Royal Wedding

Prince William wedding of the century wedding is expected that the total cost of £ 47.22 million. Approximately 5000 bell ring one after another, there will be 5000 police officers to protect the royal family members and invited guests and the safety of the ceremony the crowd. The wedding will attract the eyes of the world. Princess Kate dressed in the hands of Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen century wedding, the whole wedding was ivory shoulders with lace embellishment can be seen Kate Xiangjian the skirt of the wedding can be described as long this wedding dress elegant sense of full Chen De Kate is very dignified.
In the afternoon of May 14, 2008, Notre Dame Cathedral in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark, Danish Crown Prince Philippians Frederik and Australian civilians girl Donaldson in the crowd witnessed married. Danish royal wedding of Crown Prince of abnormal attention, they hesitate to spend $ 35 million, and strive to make a grand and solemn wedding. Wedding day, gathered more than 800 guests in the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Classical traditional Taffeta layered skirt Strapless Ball Gown Wedding Dress ML1607
July 29, 1981, Prince Charles married Princess Diana in St Paul's Cathedral, London. Diana's wedding dress designer David Emanuel and Elizabeth Emanuel and his wife, milky white taffeta skirt wedding, Shangzhui the more than 10,000 pearls and sequins, trailing up to 25 feet, the overall shape retro dignified.
The Kamei Ao crown of Queen Victoria wearing the day the Swedish royal family heirlooms, who Napoleon's first wife Josephine; celebration route with flowers more than 40,000, the whole of the Swedish royal family from the "flower of the country" Colombia by air from. This fantastic wedding cost over 20 million Swedish kronor (about $ 3 million), to become this century, Sweden's most luxurious Royal ceremony.
May 22, 2004, the heir to the throne of Spain, Crown Prince Felipe and former host of public television channels in Spain Leticia Ortiz's wedding, held in Madrid, which is the Spanish royal family for the first time in nearly a century wedding. The estimated expenditure of $ 25,000,000, including the huge investment in security measures.
40-year-old Greek Prince Nicholas fiancee Tatiana Blatter Nike check in the "magic island" said the Greek island Arlen wedding, various European royal princes and princesses gathered Greece, so that have been low-key of the Greek royal family suddenly become the focus of world attention!
German Prince George and Princess Sophie married in the outskirts of Berlin, Potsdam church. The bride Sophie Princess wearing the wedding from the hands of the German brand "wonderful children" designer Wolfgang Joop.
Jordan king Houlaniya, currently the world's most noble queen of glamorous, married her wearing the wedding dress design is simple and dignified, V-neck, fitted jacket, Punta from the skirt. Traditional long-sleeved wedding dresses the bride had no choice, but a short-sleeve dress, dignified and elegant.

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